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Our services have been introduced in
about 40% of the listed companies and their affiliates

We are steadily increasing our achievements by leveraging our database of more than 5.0 million companies, which is one of the largest in Japan,
and our unique know-how on examinations, as well as the overwhelming speed and low cost made by utilizing the Internet. The credit management service is used by 7,101 corporate members (as of December 2021). Of these, we have a track record of approximately 40% listed companies and their
affiliated companies introducing our services. It is also being actively introduced by growing companies aiming to go public in order to establish
their risk management system.

  • Wholesale, retail
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Service industry
  • Construction/real estate related business
  • Financial industry
  • Transportation related business
  • Other
  • Less than 1 billion yen
  • More than 1 billion yen and
    less than 3 billion yen
  • More than 3 billion yen and
    less than 10 billion yen
  • More than 10 billion yen and
    less than 30 billion yen
  • 30 billion yen or more

Reason 1We provide clear and easy-to-understand credit information.

We provide clear and easy-to-understand credit information.

RiskMonster was founded by a person from the examination department of a major trading company. The data provided daily by more than 30 information institutions are stored in our one-of-the-largest-in-Japan corporate databases and are constantly updated by exchanging data. Based on the
accumulated data, our analysts make them into clear and easy-to-understand data on bankrupted
companies. Credit management tends to depend on subjective judgments based on experience and
intuition, but we make it possible for you to verify how likely a business partner is to go bankrupt
with clear criteria. Regarding the calculation of the credit limit, we provide safe credit limits for you to avoid all risks by analyzing both your own management status and the creditworthiness of the
business partner.

Reason 2Our support on your credit management operation reduces costs and labor.

If you do not assign dedicated personnel for credit management, you can still establish an internal
management system based on clear criteria. In addition, you can check the status of your credit risk
management by Portfolio Analysis, a consulting service. We also offer advice for improvements.
By letting us undertake the services, you can reduce the cost and labor required for credit research
and improve your work efficiency.

Our support on your credit management operation reduces costs and labor.

Reason 3We provide highly accurate corporate ratings.

We analyze the data accumulated in our one-of-the-largest-in-Japan databases daily and reflect them into our unique corporate ratings. We are proud of the high
accuracy that more than 90% of bankrupted companies were the lower ranked companies. We improve the accuracy of your credit management operation with the
indicators backed by bankruptcy records.

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