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More than 14,000 members are using the services of our group

RiskMonster is evolving its services on a daily basis by operating ASP/cloud systems and maintaining the infrastructure for the services of the group.
Our various services provide comprehensive support on your business operation.

Sales Support Service

By searching and extracting from a huge volume of corporate data of about 4.7 million companies under various conditions, we make
prospective customer lists that include credit information.

Employee Training Support Service

We support your education and training by, for example, a flat-rate
service combining open lectures and an attendance management
system, as well as a class taking system on mobile terminals.

Groupware Service

We support information sharing in your company through a business portal site whose main service is the ASP/cloud version of the
groupware desknet's.

BPO Service
(Business Process Outsourcing Service)

Based on our document digitization service, we support your
company's business efficiency by undertaking your internal
business operations, such as close image inspection.

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