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These are the three types of credit guarantee services unique to RiskMonster with different guarantee rates, guarantee periods, and required numbers of guarantees.
As these three types of credit guarantee services are each linked to the RM Rating, you can combine them according to your policy and budget on credit protection.

Feature1 Mutual Aid Service

We automatically guarantee the companies registered for the monitoring up to the guarantee amount for each RM Rating.
Lower rated companies are also guaranteed. You can be prepared for a bankruptcy with low premiums.

  • Key points
  • A monthly fee of 100 yen will guarantee a maximum of 10 million yen.
  • By replacing the companies registered for the monitoring, you can change the mutual aid premiums without any procedure.


We also actively guarantee lower evaluated companies. Moreover, preliminary examinations are free!
We can warrant only one company, offer a one-month warranty, or undertake other conditions according to the payment terms with your business partner.

Feature3Mikata (viewpoint and ally) for Your Credit

This is a new type of transaction credit insurance that evaluates the portfolio status (rating distribution), establishment, and operation status of the credit management
system, past history of bad debt, etc. of business partners, and applies the insurance rate according to the evaluation. It is ideal for reducing the cost of transaction credit insurance .  


  • Mutual aid service
    • From 10,000 yen/month for 100 companies [It is free to change (register, delete) the subject company to monitor]
  • SecuredMonster
    • From 0.5% monthly interest [Guarantee amount starts at 1,000 thousand yen or more with no upper limit]
  • Mikata for Your Credit
    • Minimum insurance premium of 2,000 thousand yen [Pay-back according to loss ratio]
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