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You can store information from e-Credit Navigator acquired in the daily operation of credit management and information held in your company and share the
management of the information. You can select the subjects to monitor, and RiskMonster watches the changes in financial standing and business operation of your
business partners every day and immediately notifies you of any change by e-mail.

Feature1You can always monitor changes in your business partners

It is not easy to notice changes in the financial standing of business partners in a timely manner. RiskMonster collects information from about 30 information providers
every day, reflects them in the ratings, and monitors them on your behalf.

  • Key points
  • We collect qualitative information that includes more than 350 pieces of information on credit uncertainties
    every day and reflects them in the ratings in a timely manner. There is no delay in collecting information.
  • You can check the reason for a rating change via automated voice.

Feature2You can manage the limit amount, credits, and information for business partners and make an
analysis on them. 

With e-Management File, you can manage the limit amount and the expiration date of the credit limit of the business partners all at once. It is easy to manage and
analyze them for each department or branch office. You can perform portfolio analysis, time series analyses of the rating transition, configuration of credit management rules, etc.  

Feature3When a company registered for the monitoring goes bankrupt, a consolation payment will be
provided to you.

When a company registered for the monitoring goes bankrupt at higher than a certain level of rating, RiskMonster pays you up to 500,000 yen. This service is based on
our absolute confidence in the accuracy of our RM Rating.


From 50,000 yen/month for 40 companies [It is free to change (register, delete) the subject company to monitor]

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