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You can view the company information useful for your credit decision in chronological order from the past!
You can view the financial data published in financial statements and official gazettes free of charge.

e-Credit Navigator – Corporate Data in Detail

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  1. Financial information

    You can view financial data on the companies whose data are published in the official gazette or
    financial statements. For the companies submitting securities reports, you can download their
    securities reports in PDF file format for up to three fiscal years from the latest.

  2. Information on the group companies

    You can check the information on the group companies based on the information on their
    websites and securities reports.

  3. Branch office / Sales office

    You can check the usage histories of representative phone numbers and the data on the branch
    offices and sales offices that are listed in the phone book.

  4. Information on the industry

    You can check industry information, including a comparison of the target company, with
    companies in the same industry or with those with different company scales, as well as the
    trends in the industry.

  5. Spiral

    This is a function to extract the companies other than those shown on the Corporate Data in
    Detail screen by character search, and display related companies, suppliers, customers, and

  6. Shikiho (quarterly corporate report)

    You can check the data from Kaisha Shikiho published by Toyo Keizai, Inc.

  7. Playback Monster

    We show you the history from the past. In order to analyze a company, it is essential to
    understand their changes from the past in time-series. As we present the history of financial data, major shareholders, business partners, representatives, et al. for a maximum of 19 financial
    years, you can conduct much deeper analyses.

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