You Can Check the Company Evaluation in an Instant.

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You can see the subject company's risk of bankruptcy at a glance!
We automatically calculate the recommended credit limit that suits you.

e-Credit Navigator Rating Information Screen

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  1. RM Rating

    We show you the latest ratings supported by the RM Rating Bankruptcy Record. Low ratings E and F, which are
    close to bankruptcy, are subdivided into two and three levels, respectively, and they are indicated in nine levels
    in total.

    About RM Rating

  2. RM Short-term Trend

    We provide short-term positioning within the rating with a five-level arrow notation. We show them to you with
    consideration given to trends in quantitative information, such as business performance, trends in qualitative
    information that do not appear in figures, and additional information from an analysis of special information.

  3. Corporate Number

    We provide the 13-digit corporate version of My Number that has been collected and identified at RiskMonster.

  4. Latest data update

    For pieces of company data that have changed most recently, you can see the year and month the data were
    updated, and which items have been updated. You can check when and which each piece of information has

  5. RM Credit Limit

    We calculate the credit limit with our own unique logic, based on your financial strength, the creditworthiness
    and size of your business partners, and the status of transactions.

    About RM Credit Limit

  6. Attention level

    We provide the numbers from the last three months of clicks on e-Credit Navigator for the search target
    companies and of the companies registered for monitoring by other companies in the e-Management File.
    We show you the attention level according to the numbers in four levels with symbols from ★ to ★★★★.

  7. History of RM Rating

    We provide the history of RM Ratings for the past for two years up to the time you searched for the RM Rating.
    You can see the trend in the credit status in chronological order.

  8. RM Comment on credit

    In addition to a comprehensive evaluation, we also provide factors on rating analyses and advice and points to
    check for making credit decisions regarding profitability, financial aspects, capital background, openness, etc.

  9. Position of your business partners

    From the distribution status, you can visually check the position among your business partners of the business
    partner you have currently searched.

  10. Show as PDF

    The e-Credit Navigator - Overview and Corporate Data in Detail screens are displayed in PDF format. Use this
    function to share information within the company.

  11. RM One Point Advice

    By checking the box on the qualitative checklist, you can see the points to note on credit management that
    reflect the creditworthiness of the search target.

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